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CBSE NOTES ⇒ Class 10th ⇒ Science ⇒ 6. Life Processes

6. Life Processes


Chapter 6. Life Process

Life process: Those processes of the body which are neccessory to prevent damage and break down and which together perform maintainance job are called life processes. 

These are;

(i) Nutrition

(ii) Respiration

(iii) Transportation

(iv) Excretion

All the organisms require energy to perform various cellular work and to servive. Organisms get this energy by the process of nutrition. 

All the organisms to survive and requires energy to perform various tasks . This energy is derived from the process of nutrition in organisms. This action is a biochemical process called metabolism in the cells, which are rich in oxygen to be rich and oxygen requires the organism from its external environment receives. This process uses oxygen and generates carbon-dioxide (CO2) to be expelled out is called RespirationSome single-celled organisms to carry oxygen and carbon-dioxide does not require special organs because their cells are directly exposed to the environment.  But for the exchange of gases in multicellular organisms and their cells to pick up the respiratory tract carries a mechanism (transportation system), which is the circulation system (Circulatory System) is called. When using chemical reactions in carbon source and oxygen for energy recovery occurs such product (porducts) helps bring the body's cells are not only unnecessary but can be harmful. These waste products out of the body, is imperative. Because the process includes all maintenance works of the body is therefore called life process.

1. Nutrition: The process happening in the living organisms in which organisms get energy to change complex materials into simple materials by the biochemical process and utilized them, it is called nutrition. 

Examples of biological process: 

(i) Photosynthesis in plants.

(ii) Digestion in animals 

Bio-chemical process: 

For this life process organisms get complex material from outer enrgy sources and decomposition and formation take place inside the body. By which these are form to maintain and to growth of body. For this there happen a large series of chemical reactions. these are known as bio-chemical process. There is a bio-chemical process called metabolism which takes place in the cells. These celluar process need oxygen to perform this which is obtained from external environment.

The Process of Nutrition

Get energy from outer sources

Decomposition of complex materials 

Changing in simplest useful molecules by bio-chemical process

Utilizing in the form of energy

Using in various bio-chemical processes

Protiens synthesis (Formation of new comples molecules)

Growth and maintainance of body  



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