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Our CBSE Notes for Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study is the best material for English Medium students cbse board and other state boards students.

Notes ⇒ Class 11th ⇒ Political Science - II ⇒ Chapter 4. Social Justice

Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study

Topper Study classes prepares CBSE Notes on practical base problems and comes out with the best result that helps the students and teachers as well as tutors and so many ecademic coaching classes that they need in practical life. Our CBSE Notes for Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study is the best material for English Medium students cbse board and other state boards students.

Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study

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Chapter 4 Political Science - II class 11

Chapter-4 class 11 Political Science - II Chapter Chapter 4. Social Justice

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  • Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study
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  • Chapter Chapter 4. Social Justice Chapter-4 Class 11

Chapter 4. Social Justice

| Chapter-4 |

Notes Chapter 4. Social Justice - Chapter-4 | Class 11 Political Science - II - Toppers Study

Chapter 4. Social Justice

The meaning of justice: justice and public life concerned to organize our life in society and the ways that the rules by which different members of the society is divided between social benefits and social duties.

According to China's philosophical Knfyuss justice: "Those who punished the wrong people and even rewarded king should uphold justice."

According to Plato, the concept of justice: "Your specific duties and others not to interfere in the jurisdiction of the justice ." Plato's sense of justice is an expression of one's inner desire . Plato in his book The Republic discussed the issues of justice . 

Vapor (Wayper) the judge: "If a person is best qualified for the task to do the same task is justice ." 

Equitable assessment of persons in Socrates: Socrates believed that the unjust, they are in much better shape than just people. Break-jerking their self-serving laws that have proved reluctant to pay taxes and make use of lies and Dekhaddi, they are often more successful than those who walk on the path of truth and justice.

Aristotle's distributive justice: distributive justice, justice that is used in the state their positions, awards and other types of people is to deliver its members . There are members who have the same constitutional rights are . 

In other words, citizens' rights and the ability of posts to be distributed according to the distributive justice . 

Plato in his book "Politics" and "Ethics" is used to describe his thoughts on Justice . 

Justice Type: 

(1) Social Justice 

(2) political judgment 

(3) Economic Justice 

(4) legal judgment or legal justice 

(5) moral judgment 

1. Social Justice: Social justice means not discriminating between human society and the human law is equal for all and all are equal before the law, so that social justice . The meaning of social justice arising in society, such as the development opportunities of all goods and services are distributed evenly . 

2. Political Justice: political justice means justice is supposed to meet with discrimination in politics . Political participation in a democracy everyone has the right to vote and to choose their government .Violation of constitutional rights in politics at times by many societies for many days, and were barred from politics . Giving them the vote was not even . To address this problem and to establish political justice sections of society such as SC and ST class seats reserved for them in almost all the elections have been . That is an example of justice Politics . 

3. Economic Justice: Economic justice means the fair sharing of physical resources and to use them for the benefit of the people . Only then will the concept of economic justice Crirtarth receive all the financial freedom and they could freely possible to grow . They receive funding for development and equal opportunities for their proper use should . Or those who are economically backward society is helpless to their economic growth should help . 

4. Legal justice or legal justice: legal justice or legal justice means equality before the law is the law and order and justice . Legal justice is established by the state and state law is determined by . It depends on the state determined by law to be fair and non-discriminatory . 

There are some conditions which are: 

(I) the law be fairer 

(Ii) legal equality 

(Iii) have an independent judiciary 

The importance of justice in a democracy: 

(I) legal person's personality is also helpful in the development of society .

(Ii) the establishment of democracy, unity is very important for justice . 

(Iii) the satisfaction of the citizens of a democracy, justice and peace is very essential to maintain . 

Reservation for social justice: 

Social justice is the only person in the society fair and equitable distribution of all the opportunities to be generated . Section of society with which he has always injustice, it is the responsibility of the society that brought him into the realm of social justice . 

The Constitution provides for reservation is an example of social justice, which is why the following . 

(I) the weaker sections of the social level increases Reservation .

(Ii) the reservation of employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups .

Justice has two dimensions: 

(i) the legal side of justice: legal side of justice means that justice must by law and according to the law . This means that the law be applied justly and in accordance with the law, justice lessons . 

(ii) the social side of justice: social justice is taken in two levels, the first level and second level mass Committee .

Committee means the level of injustice prevailing in individual personal relationships while improving the sense of wider aspects of social life - political, social and economic life is pervaded by massive imbalances. 

Fairer division: social justice, equitable distribution of goods and services is also dealing . Whether it be a case of distribution between nations or between individuals of different groups within a society are .Serious social or economic inequalities in the society, then it will be a redistribution of society's resources, thereby depriving the citizens could live flat surface .

Equitable distribution of goods and services means that the division in the society so that social justice and economic justice in society and promote their own rights to the dispossessed could . 

Proportional justice: justice that is proportional with the same individuals to unequal treatment of similar and dissimilar individuals . According to Aristotle, a person so much authority and are consistent with the fact that the prize should be given to the person what his overall contribution to society and the utility . He said, "Playing the flute only know that individuals should share in . the same rule should also be able to rule .

Plates, said "people should give up all the pleasures of getting irrational desire .

Justice also various sections of society and not something that only those tasks that are most appropriate as they can and do not interfere with each other . 


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