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CBSE NOTES ⇒ Class 11th ⇒ Political Science ⇒ Chapter 3. ELECTION AND REPRESENTATION



Women's Reservation: all parties in its election manifesto to talk one-third reservation for women but men in India is still not prepared . They are reluctant to loosen its political grip . They say that women have less ability to win elections . Such a notion is unfounded . Them to improve the situation of women in education and politics is an urgent need reservation . Will support the empowerment of women . And the economic, social, and political level will grow .
Disqualifications for membership of the House is:
(I) hold an office of profit
(Ii) not be mentally
(Iii) to be disqualified under any law
EC: It serves as a constitutional body . Acts on the basis of the powers provided by the Constitution . EC serves as a multi-member body .
EC action:
(1) the recognition of political parties .
(2) in the country and state elections .
(3) the announcement of the election date and the recognition and winning candidates .
(4) During the election model code of conduct to be implemented .
(5) free and fair elections .
(6) To provide political parties symbol .

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