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CBSE NOTES ⇒ Class 11th ⇒ Political Science ⇒ Chapter 5. LEGISLATURE



In democratic countries to legislate legislature is a major organ . Represents the public . Under the parliamentary system works . Legislature acts on two levels .
(I) the central parliament and
(Ii) the State Legislature
Parliament's what we need? Or act of parliament:
Parliament for the following reasons, we need .
(I) legislation or legislation is a major task of the legislature . The new law creates for the country and the old laws that modify or revokes .
(Ii) financial business - the Legislature takes care of the financial functions it is also the custodian of national treasures . No new taxes are not imposed without their consent and on the basis of the new financial plans to make the accumulated treasure .
(Iii) They also control the executive and the legislature from the executive in important cases is to act with the approval .
(Iv) public complaints are brought to light by the Legislature . The complaints by debate or debate highlights .
(V) The Parliament elects President and Vice President of India .
(Vi) the judicial functions of Parliament as the President of India, Vice-President and the High and Supreme Court to consider proposals for the removal of Nyadison works .
There are two types legislature .
(1) in Parliament
(2) The State Legislature
There are two parts of the Indian Parliament .
(1) Parliament: Parliament's temporary house called the Lok Sabha . A term of 5 years and its 542 member is elected .
(2) RS: House of the Indian Parliament's upper house is called the Permanent . The term of office of members is 6 years .
The two Houses of Parliament required:
(I) variations full country often bi-national unicameral legislature would be given due representation of all sections of the society .
(Ii) Another advantage is that every decision taken by the House on the second floor is rethinking .
(Iii) on each bill and the policy would think twice .
(Iv) any decision in haste, a house does not impose .
The unicameral legislature bi-province:
(I) Bihar
(Ii) Jammu and Kashmir
(Iii) Uttar Pradesh
(Iv) Maharashtra
(V) Karnataka

Rajya Sabha :
RS represents the states . The election is indirect method .
Elect members of the Council, a State member of the Assembly of People of the State of select members of the Rajya Sabha and State Assembly members choose . So the election is indirect .
Representation in the Rajya Sabha two principles:
(I) all areas of the country in spite of unequal size and population should be represented in the second chamber .
(Ii) different areas of the country should be represented by their population .
Rajya Sabha member and his term:
Rajya Sabha members are lime for 6 years . A third member of the Council, every two years to complete his term and a third of these are elections for members . Thus, the Council does not ever completely dissolved . That is why it is known as the House of Parliament Standing .
Rajya Sabha nominated member of the Rajya Sabha members are elected members of the country in addition to 12 people who nominated literature, science, art and social work to be achieved in particular by the President of the Council is nominated .
RS's powers:
(A) considering them general legislation passed and that the proposed amendments to the Money Bills .
(B) passes constitutional amendments .
(C) asking questions and the resolution on the proposal presented by the Executive controls .
(D) participate in the election of President and Vice President and Supreme Court judges and can remove them .
(E) proposing the removal of the Vice-President may be brought only in the Upper House .
(F) the Parliament the right to legislate on subjects of the state list may .
(G) the interests of the states (powers) protects 

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