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CBSE NOTES ⇒ Class 11th ⇒ Accounts ⇒ 3. Recording of transaction-I

3. Recording of transaction-I

Books of Original Entry


Journal : The book in which the transaction is recorded for the first time is called journal or book of original entry.

(i) Journalising : The process of recording transactions in journal is called journalising. 

(ii) Posting : The process of transferring journal entry to individual accounts is called posting.

The book of original entry: This sequence causes the journal to be called the Book of Original Entry and the ledger account as the Principal Book of entry.

Entry process is like this:

Entry into the Journal (Journalising)

Transfer to the indivisual accounts (Posting to Leader)

(E.g: cash account, sale account, purchage account, bank account)

The journal is subdivided into a number of books of original entry as follows:
(a) Journal Proper
(b) Cash book
(c) Other day books:
   (i) Purchases (journal) book
   (ii) Sales (journal) book
   (iii) Purchase Returns (journal) book
   (iv) Sale Returns (journal) book
   (v) Bills Receivable (journal) book
   (vi) Bills Payable (journal) book

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