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CBSE NOTES ⇒ Class 6th ⇒ Science ⇒ 6. Changing around us

6. Changing around us

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                                                 CH-6 Change around us


1. Change: Many changes are taking place around us on their own. In the field, the crop change from time to time sometimes.

2. Construction: You have changed the sheet of paper into a toy aero plane. You

may have lots of fun in flying this plane.

3. Evaporation: When we heat water in a pan, it begins to boil after some time. If we continue to heat further, the quantity of water in the pan begins to decrease.

4. Expands: the ring is heated and it becomes slightly larger in size.

5. Melting: If we were to take some wax in a pan and heat it.

6. Some common changes: Some common changes are following:-

1. Change can be

2. Reversed

3. Raw egg to boiled egg Yes/No

4. Batter to idli

5. Wet clothes to dry clothes

6. Woolen yarn to knitted

7. Sweater

8. Grain to its flour

9. Cold milk to hot milk

10. Straight string to coil

7. Expansion: the metal rim is made slightly smaller than the wooden wheel.

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