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NCERT Solutions ⇒ Class 8th ⇒ English ⇒ Chapter 1. How the Camel got his hump

Chapter 1. How the Camel got his hump

NCERT Exercise

Lesson- 1. How the Camel got his Hump


Q. 1 Can this story be factually true?

Answer- This story can’t be factually true. Man was not there at the beginning of the world. Nor the ox, the horse and the dog were there. Man learned to do domesticate animal after a very long time.

This story is a myth.

Q. 2 what, according to you, is the story about? Consider the following:

(i) How they would began.

(ii) Why everyone should do his/her share of work seriously.

(iii) How animals are important to humans.

(iv) How the camel got his hump.

Answer- In my opinion, the story tells us that every one of us should his/her share of work seriously. If we do not do our work seriously, we are sure to get a hump on our back. Idleness leads to deformity.

Q. 3 what did you do over the weekend? Were you generally active or idle? Please check your back before starting to discuss or answer the question.

Answer- honesty speaking, I did not do much work. I relaxed and watched TV. Some of my friends came to see me. We spent quite a long time in chatting.

Q.4 There are broadly two categories of workers- those who prefer to do today what they can do tomorrow, and those who prefer to do tomorrow, what they can do today. Where do you belong?

Answer- I generally want to do today what I can do tomorrow. I don’t like to put off till tomorrow what I can do today.

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