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NCERT Solutions ⇒ Class 8th ⇒ English ⇒ Chapter 5. Princess September

Chapter 5. Princess September

NCERT Exercise

Lesson- 5. Princess September


Q.1 Are the sisters unkind and cruel? Find evidence in the text to support your idea.

Answer- Yes, it is very evident that the eight sisters were jealous of the bird and cruel to it. They advised September to keep her pet in the cage and be firm with it. They said that the bird was ungrateful. ‘If he’s obstinate and dies, it’ll serve him right and you will be well rid of him,’ they said.

Q.2 Which, to you, is the most important idea in this story, and why?

(a) Importance of music

(b) Value of freedom

(c) Beauty of nature.

Answer- The most important idea conveyed by the story is that freedom is a valuable thing. No amount of gold, and comfort can make up for the loss of freedom. Put somebody in a place and restrict his movements, he will be choked to death. Slavery is the severest punishment which one can be made to suffer. The bird in the story is unhappy in a gold cage. Things lose their charm when they are seen from behind the bars.

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