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NCERT Solutions ⇒ Class 8th ⇒ English ⇒ Chapter 9. The Comet Part I

Chapter 9. The Comet Part I

Comprehension Check

Lesson- 9. The comet-I


Q.1 Why does Indrani Debi dislike Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya?

Answer- Indrani Debi dislikes her husband’s hobnobbing with Dibya because she looks upon Dibya like a designing woman. She thinks Dibya has cast a spell on him and snared him.

Q.2 She is complaining and smiling. Why is she smiling?

Answer- She smiles to think of childlike forgetfulness of her husband. She has to take care of his needs.

Q.3 (i) What was Duttad’s secret ambition?

Answer- Duttda’s secret ambition was to discover a new comet.

(ii) What did he do to achieve it?

Answer- After his retirement he bought an eight-inch telescope and installed it in the roof of his house. He regularly gazed at the sky on dark nights.

Q.4 What is the difference between a planet and a comet, as given in the story?

Answer- Both comets and planets orbit both comets and planets orbit round the sun but the orbit of comet is highly eccentric. It comes from remote corner of the solar system. It has a longish tail that is lit brilliantly when it comes nearer the sun.

Q.5 Why was Duttada hopeful that he would discover a new comet soon?

Answer- Duttada had a tiny telescope. Still he hoped to discover a comet soon because the professionals with gigantic telescopes had pre-assigned programmes. They hardly took notice of the appearance of a new comet. And indeed, he saw strangers among the known stars. He hoped that it was comet.

Q.6 Why does Duttada say-“I almost wish I had not discovered this comet?”

Answer- Duttada was an introvert. His discovery of a comet brought in unwelcome publicity. He was often invited to receptions which he did not like. He was so fed up that he wished he had not discovered the comet.

Q.7 Why is his wife unhappy about the discovery?

Answer- Indrani Debi believed that comets brought in calamities in the world. She wished her husband not to associate with such a sinister object.

Q.8 How did sir john get hold of James’ original manuscript?

Answer- James sent his manuscript to nature for publication. Nature’s editor, Taylor, was Sir     John’s friend He gave it to Sir John to give his opinion about it. In this way, Sir John got hold of James’ manuscript.

Q.9 What is the important point the paper makes?

Answer- The important point in the paper is that comet Dutta is sure collides against earth in ten months’ time.

Q.10 Why does Sir John say that James’ paper should not be published?

Answer- Sir John realizes that if James’ paper is published as it is, it will create panic all over the world. So he wants that it should not be published as it is. But it should say that a collision may take place, but it is not certain.

Q.11 What do the men finally decide to do?

Answer- Finally, the two men agree that a meeting of experts from all over the world be called in a week’s time. The experts will try to find a way to save the world from the imminent collision.

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