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NCERT Solutions ⇒ Class 8th ⇒ English ⇒ Chapter 10. The Comet Part II

Chapter 10. The Comet Part II

NCERT Exercise

Lesson- 10. The comet-II 



Q.1 Should a scientist’s finding be suppressed if they seem disturbing? Give reasons for and against the topic.

Answer- For: The truth that may create panic, violence, or disorder must be suppressed. Truth should help us all.

Against: It is wrong to suppress the discovery. If it is suppressed no findings will ever see the light of the day. It will be at the mercy of the administration. They will suppress any findings saying that they are disturbing.

Q.2 Do you think ours is a traditional society? What are some of the things we do to be called traditional? Do you find these things useless or useful?

Answer- There are rituals and observation of certain customs that make us traditional. Our festival and the way we have been celebrating them for generations, make us traditional. The way our marriage ceremonies are performed, the functions we hold at birth, the ceremonies we perform at the death of someone, all these make us traditional. Some of the traditions have outlived their utility. They are changing. Still they are useless and useful. They serve their definite purpose.

Q.3 Give two or three examples to show how science has been useful for us.

Answer- Science has helped us to fight diseases. In olden days, small pox, plague, cholera, etc. caused a large number of deaths and a lot of suffering. Now they have been eradicated. In earlier times, extracting an aching tooth was a painful process. Now it is entirely painless.

Science has made our life comfortable. Now, travelling long distance is quite easy and comfortable. The telephone, aero planes, electric and electronic gadgets have revolutionized our life.

Q.4 Give one example to show how science has been harmful to us.

Answer- Nuclear power is the greatest discovery of our times. This energy can be used for peaceful purposes, and can make our lives far more comfortable. But, unfortunately, this is being misused to make nuclear weapons. Those weapons can destroy the whole world in no time.    

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